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Join us in "Evolving Human Thinking-Feeling-Acting-Evaluating-etc."sm.

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iVIBES Reading/Inquiry, Elicitation, Utilization & Application

How YOU CAN READ your own iVIBES (& those of others) & Master the Art & Practice of Persuasion.

  *The number '1' above denotes that there are different versions of the iVIBES & that they (VIBES) are sensitive & essential to person/organization & desired transformation.

The iVIBES™ Model of psycho-logics (also known as the iVIBE™), created & designed by Elvis Keith Lester, is an integral part of the NeuroTechnics methodology which is evolving to revolutionize thinking-feeling-acting-evaluating-etc. & how we influence, motivate & persuade self & other. We are getting at the very heart & core of communications by identifying & working directly with the processes & dynamics of motivation, intentionality, identity, evaluation (& value-assignment), beliefs/thinking, association, expectation/emotion/experience/etc. & much, much more. These are uniquely interrelated & integrated into every communication we give & receive. Why not master these elemental processes & perfect your results at selling, servicing, marketing, leading & persuading.

What we are doing here is helping people identify & determine the very elements (components) of success required for them to accelerate & maximize learning, performance & persuasion (how we propel self & other through communication).

Elvis Keith Lester developed the iVIBES™ Model over the span of 15 years of application & practice & has used it daily in counseling/coaching, modeling, training, & consulting with great success in the areas of sales, service, marketing & leadership (both personal & professional). Many have indicated that it assists them in simplifying & understanding mind dynamics much more thoroughly & streamlining ways to get what they want in life. That, in effect, is its purpose... to help you "know-own-do-evaluate" what it is that you desire & require to be happy, satisfied & content in life at work & at play. :)

Elvis Keith Lester conducts Webinars & "Telenars™" (telephone presentations over a telephone "bridge") where you can participate in the launch & proliferation of this evolutionary way of modeling & human-engineering "thinking-feeling-acting-evaluating-etc."

We invite you to contact us directly for more specific information on how you can participate, learn more about & take part in the application & practice of this groundbreaking, innovative model.  We schedule the Webinars/Telenars as well as seminars/trainings as interest dictates. 

If you are interested in participating in a seminar, Webinar or Telenar email .  This way we will know who will attend & will be able to detail what we present to the individuals of the group.

Please feel free to contact us at the phone numbers listed below.

Elvis Keith Lester, MA, LMHC, CHt, CNT, CPT
Licensed & National Certified Mental Health Counselor
"First-Ever" Licensed NLP Change Master™ - Society of NLP
"First-Ever" Licensed Master Trainer of NLP in Hypnosis - Society of NLP
National Certified Fellow of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certified NeuroTechnics
& Identity-Consultant
Certified Performance Technologist


"Master the Hierarchies of Mind & "JUMP 'logical-levels' with mere thoughts"!  ;>)

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